Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Thank you!

Thank you to the parent council who have gifted the kindergarten students with a special treat as they do not eat at school and therefore do not participate in the Festival du Voyageur pancake lunch until they are in grade one.  This special gift is in your child's ziplock bag.  I have asked the children to check with their parents before eating the gummies.

les amis de la maternelle

Friday, 16 February 2018

Festival du Voyageur Vocabulary!

We started to learn some new Festival du Voyageur words this week.  Please feel free to practice the Voyageur vocabulary at home with your child over the next few weeks!

Important Dates!

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Monday, February 19th:  Louis Riel Day! (no school)

Tuesday, February 20th:  Music for the morning class.

Early dismissal at 2:45 p.m.

Wednesday, February 21st:  Festival du Voyageur Day!  The children will be participating in special activities all day, therefore there will be no Phys. Ed. for the morning class and no Library for the afternoon class.  The students may still return their library books!

Thursday, February 22nd:  Phys. Ed. for the afternoon class.

Friday, February 23rd:  NO SCHOOL!  (Inservice)

This Week in Kindergarten!

On Monday, the boys and girls were very excited to begin decorating the Valentine envelopes that they designed last week.

They could chose from a variety of materials and had to use both glue sticks and liquid glue.

They were free to decorate as they wanted.

The children worked very hard to make unique envelopes!

All of the Valentine envelopes were beautiful and ready to be filled with cards from our friends on Wednesday.

Mme Donna was back on Tuesday.  She had styrofoam balls wrapped in plastic to help us mold our bowls.  The balls were placed in a special cup so that they would not fall off the tables.

Listening carefully to Mme Donna's instructions.
The afternoon students listening carefully to Mme Donna's instructions.

The children had to flatten the clay around the ball.

They also had to roll out a snake shape and attach it to the bottom of the bowl to make a base.

Friends helping each other out.
Playing games together.

Hard at work crafting.

Practicing to name the Voyageur clothing in French.

Hard at work making a Voyageur.

We had lots of practice tracing and cutting "la tuque rouge", "les mocassins" et "les mitaines".

All of these Voyageur are looking forward to "Le festival du Voyageur" next week.

Just a reminder that your child may dress as a Voyageur at school next week.

Another SMARTboard game to practice the new Voyageur vocabulary.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


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Mme Jeanson was absent today so the morning class did not get to sign out books from the library.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Joyeuse Saint-Valentin!!!

The morning class making their special Valentine crowns.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting their turn to play this special game on the SMARTboard.  We were practicing the following sentence structures "J'aime" (I like)  les bananes  (bananas) and "Je n'aime pas" (I don't like) les raisins (grapes).

The boys and girls had to listen very carefully to find the correct image.

Le groupe 3.

Le groupe 4.

Le groupe 1.

Le groupe 2.

The morning class played Valentine bingo.  The afternoon class will have a chance to play tomorrow because we had Music today, so our time in the kindergarten room was shorter.

Both classes played Roll a Valentine.

We also played Valentine Tic-Tac-Toc.

The afternoon class decorating their special Valentine crowns.

Le groupe 3.

Le groupe 4.

Le groupe 1.

Le groupe 2.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Festival du Voyageur!

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The staff and students at École Assiniboine will be celebrating "Le festival du voyageur" at school next week.  We will be making Voyageur crafts, playing Voyageur games, dancing and singing Voyageur songs.

Our special Voyageur Day will take place on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST.  The children will be participating at various centers throughout the school.

Staff and students are encouraged to dress up as Voyageur from Tuesday, February 20th until Thursday, February 22nd.  The children may wear a checkered shirt, red toque, sash (a scarf tied around the waist would make a perfect sash), beard, etc.


Mme Godin